The touring exhibitions, which the Foundation makes available to interested institutions, are an opportunity to communicate the values of energy efficiency, sustainability, efficient mobility, new energy models and care for industrial heritage.

Conceptualised exhibitions

Fun, interactive and memorable experience for visitors


Versatile displays

Adaptable to different exhibition rooms

Formative idea

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Our available exhibitions



The exhibition reveals the fundamental role the gas and electricity industries play in the progress of society and also provides a reflection on the energy of the future and the tools available to tackle that future in a responsible way.

Exposición Juegas Pensamos en Energía Muncyt A Coruña

Want to play? Let's think about energy!

An interactive exhibition where you can discover the secrets of gas and electricity through various interactive spaces with educational experiments designed by the famous scientist Dani Jiménez.

Exposición Fundación Naturgy La Calidad del Aire

Air quality. A current challenge

The exhibition “Air quality. A current challenge” shows how the phenomenon of atmospheric pollution is a key factor affecting the health of people and the environment.

Exposición Fundación Naturgy Puertos Inteligentes Energía eficiencia y sostenibilidad

Intelligent ports. Energy, efficiency and sustainability

This exhibition shows how using energy responsibly is an essential factor in managing intelligent seaports, also known as smart ports.

La belleza de la máquina Ramón de Baños

La belleza de la máquina

The work by Ramon de Baños has its own style that teaches us to look at the beauty of industrial photography in another way, and which constitutes an extraordinary graphic document of a world that no longer exists.

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