We work to bring educational and specialised knowledge to towns and cities across Spain with educational activities for all audiences. With the aim of contributing to educational development, facilitating the advancement of technological vocations and transmitting the values of energy efficiency, sustainability and the preservation of industrial patrimony, we take part in numerous festivals and celebrations with themes relating to our axes of action.

Our offering proposals

› Cleanairs. The air quality game

This initiative shows how the phenomenon of air pollution is a key factor for people’s health and the environment.

The Circular Challenge. Innovation for a renewable and circular energy
This participatory experience presents renewable gas as a key energy source for tackling climate change and promoting the circular economy.

Interactive modules about energy
We offer adaptable experiences to different formats that allow us to discover energy and energy efficiency through manipulative challenges.

› Workshops about energy, robotics, technology and science for everyone
We have training activities in the field of STEM disciplines, adaptable to technological dissemination events.

Circular Challenge

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Phone number: 934 129 640
Mail: educacionfundacion@naturgy.com