We play an active role in improving the environment

Environmental volunteering is a social action initiative carried out by the Naturgy Foundation with the aim of helping conserve natural capital and biodiversity in our natural spaces through work events for Naturgy employees and their families.


Beginning of the programme


Events held


Participating volunteers


Hours spent


Natural spaces

15 football pitches

Restored area

Since 2014, 41 activities have been carried out in 7 Autonomous Communities. Some of these highly valuable natural areas are:

  • Laguna Fuente del Rey (Andalusia)
  • Mancha Húmeda wetlands biosphere reserve (Castile-La Mancha)
  • Vegacervera gorge natural area(Castile and Leon)
  • Viladecans mountain (Catalonia)
  • Llobregat delta natural space(Catalonia)
  • Garraf natural park (Catalonia)
  • Meirama lake (Galicia)
  • Mandeo forest(Galicia)
  • Sierra de Guadarrama national park (Madrid)
  • Meaques-Retamares environment (Madrid)
  • Southeast Regional Park (Madrid)
  • Albufera natural park (Valencia)