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Energy accounts: tariffs, taxes and self-supply. Madrid

16 Mar
seminarios energia y medio ambiente generica

The seminar examines the structure of Spanish energy tariffs, both electricity and natural gas, and explains what the taxes and parafiscal items comprise within the structure of these tariffs.

Description of the activity

The first part of the seminar describes the gas and electricity tariff structure in Spain, as well what the funds raised through taxes are spent on. The second part deals with three issues related to the energy tariff: its impact on economic competitiveness worldwide; its relevance in the debate on electricity self-supply; and its contribution to the public deficit in Spain.

Registration for the seminar will close two days beforehand and entry will be restricted to those who registered.

Time: 09:00 – 14:00


Information of interest


Sede de Gas Natural Fenosa – Salón de actos
Avenida de San Luis, 77
Madrid, 28033 España
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