Around 2,000 students from the Canary Islands take part in the Naturgy Foundation educational programme on energy technologies

The Efigy Education initiative is the learning programme taught by the Naturgy Foundation in schools which also aims to promote technology-based professions.

The Naturgy Foundation, through its Efigy Education programme, organises a variety of workshops engaging approximately 2,000 students from schools in the Canary Islands. The students come specifically from primary schools such as CEIP Barranco Balos, in Cruce de Sardina; CEIP La Cerruda, in El Doctoral; CEIP Casa Pastores, in Casa Pastores; Colegio Arenas, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria; CEIP Las Temisas, in Temisas; CEIP María Muños Mayor, in Las Rosas; CEIP Chano Sánchez, in Carrizal; CEIP La Ampuyentia and CEIP La Hubarra, in Puerto del Rosario; CEIP Villaverde, in Villaverde; and CEIP Tindaya, in La Oliva.

Altogether, 97 in-person workshops will be held in four towns in Gran Canaria —Agüimes, Santa Lucía de Tirajana, Ingenio and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria—, and two in Fuerteventura —Puerto del Rosario and La Oliva—. Workshop topics include current energy challenges and new energy technologies. They will be conducted in classrooms from pre-primary level to secondary education. In addition to classroom sessions, the Naturgy Foundation has offered Efigy Education programme activities to secondary students at the Liceo Francés Internacional de Gran Canaria, in Telde; IES Santa María de los Volcanes, in Arrecife; IES Illa de Firgas, in Firgas; IES Santo Tomás de Aquino, in Puerto del Rosario; and CEPA Fuerteventura Norte, in Puerto del Rosario

Yumara Castellano, a teacher at CEIP Casa Pastores primary school in Santa Lucía, spoke highly of “the activity, which is very dynamic, engaging and hands-on for students. Through experimentation and play, they easily grasp complex concepts about energy and become awareness of sustainability”. She added that “the students have really enjoyed the workshop, which aligns with curriculum content, so it is an activity that all schools should take part in”.

After the sessions, the programme will continue throughout the school year with updated content on energy within the scope of STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), adapted to all levels of the school curriculum and ensuring gender equality. The educational offering from the Naturgy Foundation provides educational resources tailored for all levels of formal education, available for both in-person and online formats.

Eva Buch, the Education and Outreach Manager at the Naturgy Foundation, said, “Our aim is to provide teachers and students with access to the latest technical information on energy. So, we also offer additional educational materials to schools for independent classroom use, such as our Energykits, online applications, the Efigy Schools platform and the Efigy Technological Contest.” She added, “We also provide support from industry professionals to teachers, enabling them to update their knowledge on energy, the environment, and energy efficiency”.

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