Assessment of the 8th Conferences on Sustainable Development in Tangier

Balance de las 8ª Jornadas de Desarrollo Sostenible de Tánger Morocco

The Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation collaborates with the Moroccan Association for Sustainable Development and the National School of Applied Sciences (ENSA) in Tangier (Addelmalek Esaadi de Tetuán-Tánger University, UAE) to establish annual conferences.

The 8th Conferences, just like 2016, had the title "L'Entreprise Marocaine face aux Changements Climatiques: Quel défis et opportunités pour une croissance plus durable?” , were held on 5, 6 and 7 May in the offices of the Tangier-Tetouan-Al-Hoceima Regional Council in the city of Tangier and were attended 250 people. Various conferences and round tables were organised about good practices in the industry to reduce the effects of climate change, about “green business” and responsible investment as key factors for adapting to climate change, and about holding MEDCOP 22 in the city of Tangier. The opening session contained talks by the Vice President of the Tánger-Tetuán-Al-Hoceima region, the Chairman of the Moroccan Association for Sustainable Development, the Director of ENSA Tangier and the Coordinator of International Projects at the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation.

The Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation in Morocco

This conference is part of the agreement signed with the National School of Applied Sciences of Tangier in 2008 to promote a culture of sustainable development, among other goals. The Foundation currently supports the activities of the Princess Lalla Meryem Institute for autistic children in Tangiers, after being involved in its creation.

The Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation works to promote information and training and raise social awareness of improvements in energy efficiency and technological innovation in the field of energy while respecting and protecting the environment. It promotes cultural activities through its Gas Museum that are aimed at preserving and publicising the sector's historical and cultural heritage. Its international operations take place in Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Morocco, Italy and Moldova.