Comillas ICAI-ICADE creates the Chair in Energy and Poverty with multiple stakeholders and Gas Natural Fenosa sponsorship

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The new chair will conduct multidisciplinary research into various aspects of poverty linked to energy, namely, technological, social, business and legal.

It has the backing of a number of leading power companies, such as Gas Natural Fenosa, Endesa, EDP and Sedigas, who offer their support and collaboration to understand the causes of poverty related with energy and to provide a coordinated solution.

Comillas ICAI-ICADE Pontifical University today formalised the creation of the Chair in Energy and Poverty, whose objective will be to contribute towards finding and implementing solutions to the problem of poverty, and more specifically, its energy side. A number of leading power companies will initially be taking part in the chair, whose covenant was signed today at the university. They include Gas Natural Fenosa, through its foundation, Endesa and EDP, as well as the Spanish Gas Association (Sedigas), the body that represents the gas sector in Spain. The incorporation of FUNCAS is also currently being processed.

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