Corporate volunteering, one of the initiatives of the Gas Natural Fenosa energy vulnerability plan

empleados-voluntariado-corporativo Energy volunteering

The Foundation launches this initiative, which is part of the new Gas Natural Fenosa vulnerability plan introduced in January and involves direct advice for people in a situation of energy poverty.

The Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation is aware of the current problems facing society and has new programmes to combat a social reality that is affecting a larger portion of society every day: energy poverty. That is why it is supported by Gas Natural Fenosa, which has implemented an energy vulnerability plan across Spain. This plan involves implementing several measures with a special impact on vulnerable groups.

One of the measures is the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation corporate volunteering programme, which is open to all company employees and is carried out in collaboration with different social organisations. A basic part of the initiative is the work performed by third-sector organisations on projects or initiatives related to energy poverty. “These organisations know about the family day-to-day and reality, and this is where we can provide assistance,” states Managing Director of the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation, Martí Solà.

Before joining the programme, all the volunteer employees attend the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation Social Energy School. This is where they learn specific details about management, tariffs, bills, energy efficiency, consumption habits and vulnerability.