1st edition winners

First Prize

“No home without energy” project from the Fundación Ecología y Desarrollo


This initiative provides personalised information and advice on reducing energy bills, learning responsible habits and putting energy efficiency measures for homes in place, along with help with financing them. Information is conveyed to groups in a situation of or at risk of energy poverty, using various tools and channels: advice points, home visits, website, on-line energy management tools, workshops and volunteer programmes.

Runners-up prize

“Family Finances and Energy Poverty Education” project from the Isadora Duncan Foundation

The initiative, which has been running since 2011, aims to boost families’ financial empowerment and teach effective income management, while promoting responsible investment, service contracting, expenditure and consumption, and sustainable energy use. It has three hubs: financial and energy advice, education (Family Savings School) and dissemination (www.gestionfamiliar.es), using ICTs to spread the information all over the country.

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