Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation organises seminar on digital marketing and online strategies for SMEs in Vigo

05-Primera Exportacion Vigo FGNF 2016- 720 First Export Programme

The course aims to provide the ground rules regarding the online world so that SMEs can become stronger and grow.

The initiative forms part of the First Export Programme, which is aimed at providing free training and advice to SMEs in any sector wishing to embark on export activity for the first time.

On 21 September in Vigo, the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation is organising a seminar on digital marketing in collaboration with the Galician Institute for Promoting the Economy [Spanish acronym: IGAPE] aimed at business leaders and SME managers wishing to adopt a good digital strategy for their business. The event, which is free to attend after registering on the foundation’s website, will start at 9 am at the Club Financiero de Vigo, 62 Avenida de García Barbón.

This workshop forms part of the First Export Programme, a project run by the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation to provide free training and advice for SMEs from throughout Spain wishing to embark on export activity for the first time via a comprehensive free and ongoing training plan. To take part in the programme, interested companies need to provide a CIF (tax ID number) and sign up for the programme on the website:

The Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation and the Galician Institute for Promoting the Economy [Spanish acronym: IGAPE] work together to offer training events and promote those services aimed at helping and offering advice on export activity by small- and medium-sized enterprises in Galicia.

A practical and real-world approach to digital marketing

It is no longer possible for any company to ignore the online world. Even those with more traditional products or services need to know the ground rules for digital marketing in order to harness its strength in the domestic or export market.

The seminar aims to offer the digital techniques that any SME should master. These key issues are embodied in social media management, visibility, the Internet browsing experience, online stores, etc.

The methodology used for the content has a structure based on introductory explanations, examples of real cases and practical advice at the end. The goal of the course is for each attendee to take away a good series of actions for immediate application on which to base the future challenges of growth, competitiveness and export activity at their companies.

Business experts from various sectors, institutions and public administration services will take part in the session in Vigo. For example, the international director of King-eClient, S.L., Oriol Rojals, will focus on the user experience as a key factor in establishing a digital strategy, while the manager of Abertal Networks, Daniel Cerqueiro, will explain how the digital mix could be the best option for a new SME.

A number of success stories will also be presented, such as those of Quesería La Antigua, which promotes its products online, and the sales portal Solostocks, which offers its online store as an export tool.

The opening session will be led by the General Manager of the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation, Martí Solà, and the Manager of the Galician Institute for Promoting the Economy [Spanish acronym: IGAPE], María Dolores García de los Huertos.

A new initiative from the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation in Galicia

Implementation of this programme to help SMEs in Galicia is another step in GAS NATURAL FENOSA's commitment to this region of Spain, where its foundation’s activity contributes to the development of the local economy, industry and businesses, thereby generating wealth, jobs and progress.

The Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation, founded in 1992 by GAS NATURAL FENOSA, targets its activity at the promotion of information, training and increased social awareness on improving energy efficiency and technological innovation in the field of energy while respecting and protecting the environment, and promotes cultural activities through the Gas Museum aimed at preserving and spreading knowledge about the historical and cultural heritage of the sector. Its international activities are carried out in Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Morocco, Italy, Moldova and South Africa.

Vigo, 19 September 2016.