``A Todo Gas`` Social Project

This programme focuses on the qualified social inclusion of people in vulnerable situations by developing their social and professional skills to help them move into the labour market. The programme trains participants as piped gas project analysts.

The technical part of the course includes training on the gas sector: reading and interpreting gas installation projects, analysing gas installation regulations, classifying gas appliances, adapting environments to install gas appliances, interpreting technical regulations and natural gas marketing, as well as presenting, processing and approving gas installation projects.

In addition, the training is completed with a human development programme, which involves support from a multidisciplinary team formed by a social worker, a psychologist and a teacher. The objective of this monitoring group is to carry out workshops, mediate, perform administrative processes and issue reports in order to verify participants’ progress in social-emotional aspects.

The courses are given in small groups of 12 people to ensure more effective learning.

This programme is carried out in collaboration with the Social Service of Industry of the Regional Department of the State of Rio de Janeiro (SESI-RJ).


Activity in 2019

· 2 courses carried out

· 24 people trained