INFOCAP Programme

The Instituto de Formación y Capacitación Popular de Chile (INFOCAP) is a foundation dedicated to the creation and development of educational projects, which is at the service of workers for technical and human training.

Through this programme, the Naturgy Foundation carries out two plans for people who, without this training, would not have been able to undertake such studies due to their circumstances at risk of exclusion:

· one involving training and support to obtain the class-D electrical installer certificate, granted by the Superintendency of Electricity and Fuels to 25 students from the electrical installation trade;

· and another involving training and specialisation for 20 domestic electrical installers, who otherwise could not have completed such studies due to their circumstances at risk of exclusion.

The training programme involves 400 hours. The course aims to put students in a position to enter the labour market upon completion.


Activity in 2019

· 20 people trained