More than 450 students from Lleida take part in a Naturgy Foundation education programme about new energy technology and current challenges

Efigy Education Education and dissemination

The Efigy Education initiative is a new, innovative programme which will run throughout the entire school year, and also aims to promote technological professions among students.

The Naturgy Foundation will introduce the youngest generations to the key aspects of the energy transition and new technology such as renewable gas and its role in the circular economy.

Over the coming days, more than 450 primary school students from Lleida will take part in workshops about new energy technology and current challenges, which are held by Naturgy Foundation educators at schools in the city. This initiative is part of the new Efigy Education outreach programme the foundation implemented in January, and which is expected to reach 7,500 students across Catalonia this year.

The schools in Lleida participating in this initiative are Ciutat Jardí, Magraners, Pardinyes, Pràctiques and Mater Salvatoris. After these workshops, the programme will continue throughout the school year with content on energy in the field of the STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), which is adapted to all levels of the school curriculum. The aim is also to promote technology professions from a very young age.

The Naturgy Foundation makes current knowledge about new energy technology, such as renewable gas and its role in the circular economy, and the transition towards a more sustainable energy system more accessible to the youngest generations.

“With this new project we want teachers and students to have access to the most current technical information about energy, and that’s why we will be providing additional educational materials so they can work independently in class. These materials include our Energykits, online applications, the Learning-Service programme and the Efigy Technology Competition,” said the head of education and dissemination at the Naturgy Foundation, Eva Buch. She added: “We also offer the teachers support from the company’s professionals, so they can update their knowledge about energy, the environment and energy efficiency.”

Ciutat Jardí School in Lleida, one of the first

One of the first schools to hold these workshops is the Ciutat Jardí School. Cristina Marrodan, a primary school teacher, recommends the activity because “it is very stimulating and fits into the school curriculum”. “At our school, we work on the social and natural environment for projects and the Naturgy Foundation workshop has helped us start a new one as our students are very motivated by everything concerning climate change,” she explained. According to Marrodan, “the fact that experts from the foundation come to our school is very motivating for the students and it is more interesting for the students as someone different to the teacher they see every day is explaining it.”