Naturgy Foundation collaborates with the Castile-La Mancha Regional Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport to offer vocational specialisation in energy advice for vulnerable families

Training is part of the energy foundation’s programme to boost employability in the energy sector.

Students studying Social Integration at IES Atenea secondary school in Ciudad Real are participating in this training.

Advanced Social Integration students from IES Atenea secondary school in Ciudad Real are receiving training from Naturgy Foundation to specialise in offering energy advice to vulnerable families. The course is part of the foundation’s collaboration with the Castile-La Mancha Regional Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport in vocational training for employability.

Students will specialise as energy advisers in vulnerable areas and can acquire the skills required by the energy sector and society as a whole, which is immersed in profound changes due to the energy transition.

General Director of Naturgy Foundation, María Eugenia Coronado, emphasised this idea: “With these vocational training courses we guarantee the transfer of specialised technical knowledge in energy so that new professionals improve their employability and add more value to companies and society, guaranteeing energy transition and sustainability.” “In the case of this ‘Energy adviser in vulnerable areas’ course, we also cover a training gap and contribute to developing a fairer society for all," added Ms Coronado.

The General Director for Vocational Training in Castile-La Mancha, María Teresa Company, stressed that “this type of project is very positive as it increases curricular content for students and helps them fit the professional profile sought after by companies, improving their possibilities for employability and encouraging their integration as professionals in companies”.

“This training is especially relevant due to the energy vulnerability that many families are currently experiencing, and duly qualified professionals are required to help them,” explained Ms Company.

This project is in line with similar projects developed by the regional ministry with different production sectors, along with companies and schools in the region, and it is the first planned for the advanced Social Integration programme.

Vocational training for employability programme

Naturgy Foundation is also working with another six Autonomous Communities to promote vocational training, with actions that include updating curricular content in specialised fields such as vehicular natural gas, renewable gases, energy rehabilitation and teacher training.

The ultimate goal of the Naturgy Foundation vocational training for employability programme is to improve the training students receive to help them access the job market. Over 5,100 students from around Spain are benefiting from this initiative during the 2020-21 school year.

The Vocational Training for employability programme is part of the Naturgy Foundation’s vast training catalogue and is aligned with the Fair Transition Strategy of the Spanish Ministry for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge (MITECO in Spanish), which seeks to generate active employment and vocational training policies for coordinated work between government bodies and social agents.

The foundation’s work in the field of training has the recognition and collaboration of leading institutions such as SEPE, FECYT and CESIC, as well as the competent regional administrations.

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