Naturgy Foundation, in partnership with Nedgia and Sedigas, promotes specialised training to improve employability in the gas sector

The training will facilitate access to an expanding job market, driven by the growing relevance of renewable gases in the energy transition, sector digitalisation and the current and future demand for qualified technicians with updated knowledge.

Naturgy Foundation and Nedgia, in collaboration with the Spanish Gas Association (Sedigas), have launched a training and accredited certification programme to bolster professional qualifications in the gas sector. This field is characterised by a rising trend towards renewable gases, digitalisation and evolving market, necessitating a larger pool of qualified technicians with updated knowledge to meet anticipated future employment demands at power facilities.

The Spanish gas sector supplies safe energy to 8 million domestic, commercial and industrial customers around the country. It is committed to integrating new technologies to enhance the quality of life of the population, improve business competitiveness and contribute to mitigating climate change.

Today, gas companies require technical training for work, interventions or inspections on gas networks and installations, tailored to the specific activity involved. This training must be certified by an accrediting entity to ensure the necessary content has been fully covered.

The training initiative led by Naturgy Foundation offers a subsidised course and certification required to obtain accreditation as a gas installation inspector.

This training complements existing collaborations between the Foundation and Nedgia, such as: “Renewable Gases: Technologies, Uses and Benefits” and “Green and Digital Gas Networks”.

From 22 to 26 January, the inaugural edition of this collaborative training was conducted in a blended format, combining synchronous online sessions with practical workshops. The programme culminated with an exam for certification. Participants included students and sector professionals seeking to improve their professional skills and career prospects. 

Naturgy Foundation Managing Director María Eugenia Coronado celebrated the launch of the inaugural edition of this training initiative with Nedgia, in collaboration with Sedigas. “At Naturgy Foundation, we are committed to improving employability in the sector by updating training related to specialised technical knowledge, catering to professionals responsible for gas installation operations in Spain. Retraining professionals in the energy sector to ensure their continued employability and enable them to leverage opportunities arising from the energy transition remains one of our priorities.”

Nedgia Distribution System Director Roger Serrat underscored the significance of this training collaboration for the gas sector, emphasising its role in ensuring the safety of operations and installations, particularly in advancing renewable gases and the digitalisation of gas infrastructures. “In anticipation of the sector’s decarbonisation and digitalisation, the need for a greater number of professionals possessing high technical expertise and employability is evident. At Nedgia, in partnership with the Naturgy Foundation and Sedigas, we are committed to providing this training, which guarantees opportunities for new specialised technicians.” 

Naturgy Foundation Vocational Training for Employability Programme

This new training event is part of the Naturgy Foundation’s programme to promote training and improve employability in the energy sector. It aims to improve the readiness of the sector’s future professionals to facilitate their entry into the labour market. It therefore offers updated content on innovation in the energy sector and, since it was launched in 2018, has offered free courses that have benefited more than 69,300 people, including young people, teachers and professionals.

This training can teach and certify updated technical knowledge of the sector in areas such as sustainable mobility, rehabilitation and sustainable construction, renewable gases, digitalisation of power grids, energy consultancy in vulnerable environments, photovoltaic panel installation and maintenance, green and digital gas networks, and wind farm maintenance, among others.

Alongside subject specialists, the Naturgy Foundation has also produced new educational resources designed for vocational training. This area includes the technical-practical textbooks “Vocational Education and Training in Energy, Vocational Training for Employability”, and their adaptation to the e-learning training courses produced together with the Open University of Catalonia (UOC).

This Naturgy Foundation training opportunity is aligned with the Just Transition Strategy and is recognised and supported by the Ministry of Education, Vocational Training and Sport, the administrations responsible for education and employment in nine autonomous regions, the Public State Employment Service (SEPE), the National Training for Employment Foundation (FUNDAE) and the National Qualifications Institute (INCUAL).

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