Naturgy Foundation sets up solidarity fund for energy-related renovations in energy-vulnerable households

The power company’s foundation is launching the Energy Rehabilitation Solidarity Fund to support the most vulnerable households and families. It will initially have coverage in Galicia, Madrid and Catalonia but will be extended to more regions in the future.

Earlier today, the Naturgy Foundation set up the Energy Rehabilitation Solidarity Fund aimed at financing improvements in the homes of groups at risk of vulnerability, initially in the regions of Galicia, Catalonia and Madrid.

The power company’s foundation seeks to offer support to the most disadvantaged groups in society through substantial improvements in their homes based on renovations, new equipment and energy efficiency measures. “Our foundation is the main donor to this fund that is now operational and through which we believe we can help the most vulnerable groups while maintaining our line of action to combat energy poverty,” said the General Manager of the Naturgy Foundation, Martí Solà.

The initial amount donated by the foundation will be spent on three main lines of action. Firstly, the express renovation of homes to improve energy efficiency and equipment in these homes, both repairs and replacements. Secondly, the actions to be undertaken by the fund are also aimed at meeting basic regulations on guaranteeing supply safety, both in electricity and gas installations.

The beneficiaries of this Naturgy Foundation fund will be those people in a situation of vulnerability who either own or rent the property to be renovated. Anyone benefiting from the fund will need to be receiving support from entities in the community sector with which the Naturgy Foundation has signed a partnership agreement or live in homes owned or managed by entities in the community sector or public authorities.

Open to the public

Besides the donation made by the Naturgy Foundation, the Energy Rehabilitation Solidarity Fund will accept voluntary donations from any member of the public. “Beyond the donations made by the Naturgy Foundation, anyone wishing to make a donation is welcome to do so: customers, employees, suppliers and the general public, whether they are a private individual, association or any other legal entity,” explained Martí Solà.

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