Naturgy Foundation to offer educational and cultural activities in Madrid to over 350 children at risk of social exclusion

actividades-verano-bolarque Education and dissemination

The initiative, which is supported by the Secretariado Gitano Foundation, Cáritas and the Red Cross, will offer a programme of activities focused on energy saving and efficiency in Madrid from 9 to 17 July.

The programme will also include an appearance by the Energytruck, a mobile exhibition by the Naturgy Foundation that demonstrates what energy is and how we can consume it responsibly in a visual and interactive way.

In partnership with the Secretariado Gitano Foundation, Cáritas and the Red Cross, the Naturgy Foundation will offer a programme of activities about energy efficiency between 9 and 17 July aimed at children and young people aged between 3 and 14 in a vulnerable situation. The workshops will use recreational and educational means to present various initiatives on the responsible use of energy.

Forming part of the measures included in the Vulnerability Plan launched by the power company in 2017, the activities will be offered at the headquarters of social organisations in Madrid and will present such values as sustainability and energy saving using experience-based and innovative techniques. The plan will be complemented by an appearance by the Energytruck, a mobile exhibition by the Naturgy Foundation housed in a large sustainable lorry that demonstrates what energy is and how we can consume it responsibly in a visual and interactive way.

The Director for Education and Heritage of the Naturgy Foundation, Eva Buch, expressed the commitment to supporting social development through cultural and educational initiatives that can help people access specialised knowledge in the field of energy and the environment. “Preserving the environment through rational use of energy depends on us all. For that reason, we are working to offer initiatives that are accessible to all,” she said.

This initiative by the Naturgy Foundation will begin on Monday, 9 July, at the headquarters of the Secretariado Gitano Foundation on Avenida del Parque de Palomeras Bajas in Madrid. It will then travel to the headquarters of Cáritas at the corner of Paseo de la Ermita del Santo and Vía Carpetana in Madrid, on Tuesday 10 July; to the Wanda Metropolitano in Madrid, on 11 and 12 July; and to Carretera de la Estación de Hortaleza Nº 16 in Madrid, on Friday 13 July. For the following week, the mobile exhibition will relocate to the headquarters of Red Cross on Calle Emilio Muñoz, opposite Calle de Santa Leonor, on Tuesday 17 July. 

An eco-efficient cultural initiative for everyone 

The mobile Energytruck exhibition will be open to the public and free to visitors from 4 pm to 7 pm.

The 70-square-metre mobile exhibition boasts a wide range of technological equipment, including audio-visual, interactive and multimedia content, as well as information panels. Visitors will be able to experiment with the content through practical activities centred around them. The project also includes workshops and educational activities led by specialist educators to spread knowledge of science and technology. The activities, which are free, are suitable for all ages and adapted for people with disabilities.

The truck is equipped with a natural gas twin engine that produces between 15% and 20% less CO2 than conventional diesel engines. Through a dual system and a fuel consumption of approximately 70% diesel and 30% compressed natural gas, the vehicle contributes to improved air quality by reducing PM emissions by 39% and NOx emissions by 30%, compared to a diesel-only vehicle.

Since January 2016, the Energytruck has travelled over 49,226.40 kilometres to visit more than 279 municipalities throughout Spain and inform the general public about energy, the environment and industrial heritage in a fun and interactive way through educational activities run by specialist educators. Over 162,923 people have visited the exhibition, including 66,192 primary, secondary and VET students. The remaining 96,731 visited the exhibition through a number of different social groups or on open days.

The Naturgy Foundation

The Naturgy Foundation, set up by Naturgy in 1992, seeks to educate, train, inform and raise awareness throughout society of energy and environmental issues. It also develops Social Action programmes both nationally and internationally, by influencing particular initiatives aimed at alleviating energy vulnerability. It promotes initiatives in the cultural sphere, geared towards preserving and disseminating the historical heritage of the gas and electricity sector.