Naturgy Foundation volunteers, together with Cruz Roja Juventud, will hold workshops on energy for children

The work carried out by the Naturgy Foundation and the Red Cross to raise awareness is now being reinforced through a new energy volunteering activity in the education sector, which will be part of the ‘Promoción del éxito escolar’ (Promoting success at school) programme from Cruz Roja Juventud.

Voluntariado energético Fundación Naturgy

The Naturgy Foundation is implementing a new corporate volunteering workshop in the education sector, which is part of the ‘Promoción del éxito escolar’ (Promoting success at school) programme from Cruz Roja Juventud. The activity is part of the framework agreement that the Foundation has held with the Red Cross since 2017.

This new project focuses on the socio-educational inclusion of children between 6 and 16 years old who have specific educational needs, specific learning difficulties, have failed at school or who are frequently absent. These children frequently go to the playrooms at Red Cross meetings, where they are provided with support on school tasks and work on subjects that encourage scientific vocations and creativity.

The content taught by the Naturgy Foundation volunteers includes technological knowledge in early childhood, what energy is, how and where it is used, good energy practices, energy efficiency and sustainability.

The volunteers hold workshops in the afternoon after school, in Madrid and Barcelona. The content is delivered through games and experiments, as well as other methods, with specialised material designed by the Naturgy Foundation itself.

This helps the youngest children to be successful at school and is included in the catalogue of corporate volunteering activities that around 500 Naturgy employees take part in; mainly with the Red Cross but also with other organisations across Spain.

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