Offshore power generation and respect for the environment, compatible thanks to advancements in technology

seminario-energia-medio-ambiente-mar-santander Energy and environment

Cantabria hosted a training seminar by the Naturgy Foundation at which various experts examined the future outlook for power consumption and explained how current technology is helping to generate power offshore while safeguarding the environment.

The event was attended by representatives from the Regional Government of Cantabria, the Environmental Hydraulics Institute of Cantabria, APPA Renovables, REPSOL, the Port of Vigo and Naturgy.

In partnership with the Regional Government of Cantabria, the Naturgy Foundation organised a seminar this morning in Santander on offshore energy and the environment. A dozen experts from business and several institutions shared their standpoints on offshore wind power, energy management at ports and renewable marine energies.

The event was opened by the Councillor for Innovation, Industry and Trade of the Regional Government of Cantabria, Francisco Martín, and the General Manager of the Naturgy Foundation, Martí Solà.

Francisco Martín underlined the need for Cantabria “to make up lost time” and “get back on the renewable energies train”, especially in terms of harnessing the sea and wave power. “We have no choice but to switch to renewable energy as soon as possible” and, to do so, “we need to accept as a society that, if we want renewable energy, we will need to see wind turbines and, if we want photovoltaic power, we will need to have solar panels on our roofs,” he said. He went on to stress that “this is simply a perceived cost that brings more advantages and benefits for the environment.” He concluded by saying that “wave power is still in its early days but there is a vast number of kilowatts to be harnessed that travel around the world in the form of waves… we could be making use of this.”

In turn, Martí Solà recalled that “the rational use of energy resources, sustainable development and environmental protection are just some of the action lines being followed by the Naturgy Foundation,” highlighting the Cantabria’s experience in the environmental management of maritime activities.

The event was closed by the Director-General for Industry, Trade and Consumer Affairs of the Regional Government of Cantabria, Raúl Pelayo.

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