Over 18,500 families improve their situation of energy vulnerability through the partnership between the Naturgy Foundation and the Red Cross

The two organisations have been collaborating since 2017 to strengthen their efforts in addressing energy vulnerability and are renewing their partnership for another year

The Naturgy Foundation and the Red Cross have reaffirmed their partnership by renewing their collaboration for the sixth year. This ongoing cooperation has assisted more than 18,500 families. Working jointly through diverse social programmes, their shared objective is to provide comprehensive support to families experiencing energy vulnerability.

Naturgy Foundation Vice President Jordi Garcia Tabernero and General Manager María Eugenia Coronado, together with Spanish Red Cross Chairwoman María del Mar Pageo, signed the new agreement. This commitment ensures that the energy company’s foundation will continue to provide essential resources for the comprehensive energy support initiative.

The most notable initiatives include the training and advisory services provided by the volunteer teams of both social organisations, enabling families to reduce their utility expenses. This encompasses the distribution of micro-efficiency kits and energy renovations in vulnerable homes. Additionally, through their Energy School, continuous energy education will be extended to both vulnerable families assisted by the Red Cross and the professionals within the organisation dedicated to their care.

According to García Tabernero, the ongoing collaboration is crucial for enhancing the quality of life of those in greatest need. “Collaborations like these enable us to reach out to the most vulnerable families, understand their needs and support them through education, guidance and interventions in their homes. That’s why the Foundation’s commitment is not only to ensure the well-being of individuals and societal progress but also to contribute to the sustainability of the planet”.

Pageo, meanwhile, highlighted that “energy poverty has a substantial impact on individuals with limited resources, forcing them to reside in homes with energy deficiencies and challenges in maintaining suitable temperatures, both in summer and winter. These living conditions profoundly affect both the physical and mental well-being of individuals, exacerbating their vulnerability not only due to obvious direct consequences but also because the lack of energy hinders other essential processes for social inclusion, such as digital education or job search, among others”.

Similarly, Coronado emphasised that “initiating enhancements in the rehabilitation, equipment and energy efficiency of homes is the key strategy to tackle energy poverty. It serves as a compelling demonstration that programmes propelled by the private sector, when carried out in conjunction with social organisations, can substantially amplify their results, generating a significant social impact”.

Energy rehabilitations in vulnerable homes

Since its inception in 2017, the collaboration between the Naturgy Foundation and the Red Cross has facilitated the rehabilitation of over 1,400 homes for vulnerable families. These initiatives have resulted in enhanced energy efficiency within households, contributing to savings on utility expenses. These efforts are made possible with the backing of the Energy Rehabilitation Solidarity Fund established by the energy company’s foundation.

Also within the framework of this agreement, last year over 1,600 families benefited from training sessions on energy. These sessions were conducted by both the Naturgy Foundation Energy School and volunteers from Naturgy and the Red Cross. These sessions, attended by both vulnerable families and Red Cross volunteers and technical staff, covered fundamental concepts of contracts, bills and regulatory updates, as well as offering practical tips for optimising home energy usage. To date, more than 1,100 training sessions and workshops have been carried out.

None of this would be possible without the volunteers from both organisations. They will continue their efforts by conducting audits in these homes and offering guidance to vulnerable families regarding energy consumption and service payments. To date, the Naturgy Foundation has distributed over 14,000 micro-efficiency kits to Red Cross beneficiaries.

In addition, both organisations have an itinerant project designed to extend awareness initiatives on energy-related topics to other communities. In 2023, they installed 13 mobile citizen information points in municipalities in Alicante and Huelva, reaching over 200 families. These points offered information on the social bonus, energy tariffs, home efficiency measures and other pertinent subjects. Going forward, the Naturgy Foundation and the Red Cross aim to cover all of Spain, aligning with heatwaves and cold spells, to educate and raise awareness among the population regarding energy conservation.

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