3rd edition winners

First prize

“Supporting social improvement for the most vulnerable in Spain through training and access to energy” from Energía sin Fronteras

This initiative consists in carrying out various activities that seek to provide access to energy-efficient installations used either by social entities or directly by vulnerable families. For social entities, they work in the following lines: access to energy efficient and renewable infrastructures via installations, access to energy and installation management, technical consultancy based on energy efficiency studies, and advice and supervision for any improvements made. For the most vulnerable members of society, they offer training and workshops on efficient consumption habits and provide tools enabling them to become self-sufficient in this regard.

Runners-up prize

“Comprehensive help with energy vulnerability” from Fundació Roure

This initiative is based on providing support and accompaniment to vulnerable people in situations of poverty. The accompaniment consists in training in saving energy, help with the management and interpretation of documents, support in relations with energy companies (social tariffs, grant applications, etc.) and property renovations (wall and ceiling insulation, window replacement, etc.). The main goal of the initiative is to educate and reduce energy consumption in vulnerable homes.

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