Some technified and digitalised power grids will be key for addressing the energy transition successfully

Today, Santiago de Compostela played host to a conference by the Naturgy Foundation, analysing the impact of the decentralisation of power generation in the energy model, the active role of the end user and the future perspective of the production process from multiple points and the closest point possible to the consumer.

Seminario Generacion Eléctrica Distribuida Santiago de Compostela

Today, the director of power grids in Spain at Naturgy, Raúl Suárez, committed to configuring the distribution networks as a key element of the energy transition. “Without a very technologically advanced distribution network, it will be impossible to optimise the incorporation of renewable power generation and to truly proceed with the energy transition,” he said. That is why Suárez believes great technification is necessary. “The new remuneration framework needs to provide sufficient and stable profitability signals for investments in grids, in particular for investments in digitalisation.”

Suárez made these remarks at a seminar about distributed power generation, which was organised by the Naturgy Foundation in Santiago de Compostela, today. He explained: “By 2030, the PNIEC predicts an electric ecosystem featuring 74% of energy produced from renewables and a generation mix in which 70% of the installed capacity will be renewable, stable and highly distributed.”

The director stated: “The high capillarity of a significant part of the generation mix, together with the more active role of users, autocontrol, management of demand and recharging of electric vehicles, will have a great impact on the configuration and operation of distribution networks.”

“Spanish distribution networks are a success case in Europe, but in order to address this challenge they must be technified and digitalised even more in order to achieve the flexibility that is required to manage a system with much more dynamic energy flows, and to maximise the capacity to incorporate renewable power generation at lower costs and closer to consumption points,” said Suárez.

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