Energy and environment

Galician companies improve their productivity and sustainability by implementing Industry 4.0 in their systems.

The energy, technology, and food and beverage sector is in the lead when it comes to adapting to Industry 4.0 in Galicia, reducing production costs and improving factory productivity.

The seminar “Energy, the Environment and Industry 4.0”, organised in partnership with the regional government of Galicia, presented the Galician companies’ processes for adapting to Industry 4.0.

The day covered issues such as the presence of digitisation in all productive areas and how it affects companies’ management of energy and the environment.

Energy and environment

The Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation analyses how “industry 4.0” improves the productivity and sustainability of companies in Valencia

The seminar “Energy, the Environment and Industry 4.0”, organised by the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation in partnership with the Generalitat Valenciana, discusses how the productive sector is adapting to industry 4.0.

The discussions covered the digitalisation of all areas of production, and companies’ energy and environmental management through industry 4.0 technologies.

Energy and environment

Companies in Castilla-La Mancha implement new efficiency and sustainability processes to meet demands of digital consumers

At a seminar organised in partnership with the Regional Government of Castilla-La Mancha, various experts tackled how new technologies are changing manufacturing processes in order to meet the demands of new customers: digital consumers.

In this fourth industrial revolution, trends point to renewables and sustainable mobility, as well as technology that makes things cheaper and reduces risks.