Energy and environment

The production of energy from renewables reached 40% of the total and contributed to reducing power generation emissions by almost a quarter.

The installed capacity in wind power and photovoltaics grew by 20% in 2019.

The new report on the Spanish power sector created by the Naturgy Foundation also includes the increase of production with combined cycles in the last year, which acted as a back-up energy to renewables, as well as the increase in the tariff deficit.

Energy and environment

The introduction of renewable gas in Spain would reduce the greenhouse gas emissions forecast for 2030 by over 10%

The maximum renewable gas production potential in Spain could be the equivalent of 65% of the current total natural gas demand if it is purposefully developed.

European countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom and Sweden are very advanced in the development of this new energy vector, which Spain seeks to boost with the future Climate Change Act.