The adaptation and promotion of renewable gas is a priority for the energy sector

seminario-logrono-gas-renovable Energy and environment

Logroño hosted the Naturgy Foundation training seminar where several experts presented the current situation of this fuel in Spain and Europe.

Speakers from the Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña, the Spanish Biogas Association, Gaz Naturel GRDF, the Valdemingómez Technology Park and the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research took part in the event.

This morning in Logroño, the Naturgy Foundation, in collaboration with the La Rioja Regional Government, held a seminar focusing on the challenges and opportunities provided by renewable gas. Specialists in a range of subjects in the university, business and institutional sectors analysed the technology, potential, regulations and degree of implementation of this fuel, and presented practical cases in France and different areas around Spain. The Minister of Economic Development and Innovation in the La Rioja Regional Government, Leonor González Menorca, and the Managing Director of the Naturgy Foundation, Martí Solà, welcomed the attendees at the opening session.

González Menorca highlighted the La Rioja Regional Government’s commitment to the efficient development of renewable energy, and noted the opportunities that renewable gas can offer. The Minister referred to two fundamental plans that her Government has initiated: the La Rioja Waste Management Plan 2016-2026, and the La Rioja Energy Plan 2015-2020. Their objectives include sustainable commitment, increasing renewable energy and improving the environment and sustainability.

Solà also mentioned the measures taken by the Naturgy Foundation to ensure energy saving and sustainability. “In the context of the current energy transition, adapting infrastructure to renewable energy is urgently required if we want to meet the European Union decarbonisation goals as soon as possible.”

A series of presentations followed this. The first, entitled “What is renewable gas? Potential and technology”, was delivered by Professor Emeritus from the Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña, Xavier Flotats. In addition to referencing three types of renewable gas (biogas, synthesis gas and electricity), Flotats shared data about the biogas production systems, which are the most implemented systems. In Europe there are 18,000 installations that produced 16.1 Mtep of primary energy and 62.5 TWh of electricity in 2016, announced Flotats. In his opinion, “there is still a long way to go in Spain. Our country has an accessible potential of 2.3 Mtep of primary energy, only 10% of which is estimated to have been produced in 2016."

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