The Foundation is here to help in the COVID-19 health emergency

Voluntariado energético Fundación Naturgy Social action

Naturgy employees, together with the company’s own contribution, have made a €1.1-million donation to the Red Cross in response to this humanitarian organisation’s call for help to carry out different projects to alleviate the COVID-19 crisis.

The financial contribution of the employees, which Naturgy has doubled, was given to the Red Cross through the Naturgy Foundation. The entire amount will be used to purchase personal protection equipment and volumetric ventilators with expendable material, which will be allocated to health centres in Spain.

The Foundation is also actively participating in another initiative from Naturgy employees. It involves the distribution of face protection visors manufactured with 3D printers by company volunteers to health centres, retirement homes and law enforcement agencies.

Furthermore, the Foundation has transformed part of its face-to-face educational programme and has launched the Efgy Education Digital platform, with quick and free access for all. This space offers fun and innovative educational resources to learn about energy: energy efficiency, sustainability, new energy technologies or the circular economy.

Interactive applications, activities and experiments, films, and videos by science educators Luis Quevedo and Dani Jiménez are some of the new proposals on offer to both families and teachers, so that they can encourage quality curricular learning for their students.