The Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation analyses how energy efficiency reduces costs and CO2 emissions in the hotel industry

The seminar “Energy efficiency in Hotels and Tourism” organised by the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation, in collaboration with the Regional Government of Murcia analyses energy efficiency and sustainability measures in the tourism industry.

The benefits of applying efficiency measures in the hotel and tourism industry are twofold: supporting sustainable management by consuming less resources and reduced CO2 emissions, and economic savings.

Experts at the event maintain that sustainable management policies in the tourism industry contribute to the commitment to society as well as improving customers’ comfort and economic profit for companies.

Today in Murcia, Director-General for Energy and Industrial and Mining Activity of the Regional Government of Murcia, Esther Marín Gómez, and Energy and Environment Manager of the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation, Laia Gelabert, opened the seminar “Energy efficiency in Hotels and Tourism”. During the event, an analysis was made of the current situation of the Region of Murcia’s tourism industry –a generator of wealth in the region and in Spain– as well as the main energy efficiency measures that can be implemented in the industry. Audits, sustainable solutions and the promotion of renewable energy as well as different case studies were some of the issues discussed during the event.

Energy and Environment Manager of the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation, Laia Gelabert, highlighted the importance of sustainable resource management, CO2 emission reduction and the application of energy efficiency measures, as they can provide significant benefits to the business and industrial communities, and particularly to the tourism industry, as they are important consumers of energy and resources.

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