The Naturgy Foundation is set to renovate vulnerable homes managed by the Mambré Foundation.

This collaboration reinforces the actions of the Naturgy Foundation in order to contribute to alleviating energy poverty and allow the Mambré Foundation to improve the energy efficiency of homes assigned to people with limited resources.

Rehabilitación viviendas exprés Fondo Solidario

agreement-foundation-mambre-renovationThe Naturgy Foundation will carry out energy renovation on homes managed by the Mambré Foundation, with the aim of improving the efficiency of these homes and the quality of life of the vulnerable people living in them.

The collaboration agreement signed by both entities will give the Mambré Foundation access to the Energy Rehabilitation Solidarity Fund’s resources, launched by the Naturgy Foundation at the end of last year. This fund was created in order to carry out substantial improvements in terms of renovation, equipment and energy efficiency in the homes of vulnerable groups

The director general of the Naturgy Foundation, María Eugenia Coronado, showed her satisfaction with the new initiative, “because it demonstrates our firm commitment to contributing to alleviating energy poverty through actions which are, in most cases, simple and low cost, but can vastly improve the comfort and economic situation in the homes of those who need it most”.

For her part, the director of the Mambré foundation, Meritxell Collelldemont maintained that “this collaboration allows us to continue to opt to improve our housing bank for highly vulnerable people through the renovation of flats that have not been being used up until now due to unfit conditions”.

Thanks to this collaboration, around twenty of the homes owned by or at the disposal of the Mambré Foundation will be able to be renovated.

The work carried out on these homes by the Naturgy Foundation will be done so according to the guidelines of the study “Express Renovation for Vulnerable Families” published by the Naturgy Foundation to promote energy efficiency improvements in vulnerable homes, at a low cost, but with a big impact on both people’s quality of life and their energy bills.

These actions include for example, the repair or purchase of heating systems, or the installation of electricity and gas; as well as the reform of closings such as windows and glazing, or other work that improves the home’s energy efficiency.

The collaboration agreement with the Mambré Foundation is in line with Spain’s National Strategy to Combat Energy Poverty 2019-2024 passed by the Spanish government last week, and which establishes the energy renovation of homes as one of its short, medium and long term courses of action aiming to structurally confront this problem.

The initiative is included among the actions carried out by the Naturgy Foundation as part of the company’s Energy Vulnerability Plan, the first one developed by the Spanish energy company. The plan provides for over 20 operational and social measures aimed at strengthening and systematising the management of vulnerable customers, as well as enhancing collaboration with Third Sector entities and communication with social services.

The Naturgy Foundation, founded in 1992 by the energy company, is dedicated to dissemination, education, information and raising awareness about energy and the environment within society. It also develops social action programmes both nationally and internationally, by influencing particular initiatives aimed at alleviating energy vulnerability.

The Mambré Foundation is dedicated to offering dignified living services to entities that develop a social reintegration programme for the homeless, in which attending to the residential necessities of people in positions of social exclusion through their own housing bank is one of the main objectives.

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