The Naturgy Foundation offers an innovative virtual space trip in L’Hospitalet to raise awareness on the planet’s environmental challenges, the energy transition and the circular economy

Energy Challenge Education and dissemination

The Energy Challenge has visited the city on its way round Catalonia, after being presented at COP 25 in Madrid.

Renewable gas, responsible energy consumption habits and air quality are some of the issues we are invited to think about in an interactive and immersive space trip on board an efficient 70m2 vehicle guided by a latest generation robot.

This week in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, the Naturgy Foundation is presenting the Energy Challenge, an innovative, travelling experience that aims to teach young people and the general public about the energy transition, the circular economy, air quality and new energy technologies.

The technology behind the Energy Challenge experience includes touchscreens with a 360º projection of a hundred videos, rotating seats and a smart robot called Energy 360. It can be visited free of charge today and tomorrow on Rambla de la Marina, from 9 am to 2 pm from 4 pm to 7 pm.

A futuristic aircraft with proposals for solving the energy challenge

Visitors are invited to take a trip into space, in a futuristic aircraft commanded by state-of-the-art robots. By doing so they become part of a space mission to solve the energy challenge at a time of transition to decarbonisation like today.

On their 20-minute journey, crew members observe the Earth and the Cosmos to reflect on and become aware of the planet’s climate emergency and the need to contribute to key issues such as the circular economy, air quality and new energy technologies.

The initiative shows the key role of innovation and responsible consumption habits in achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on energy.

What’s more, the Naturgy Foundation has installed this experience in an environmentally friendly 70 m2 vehicle, which has a dual natural gas engine. When running, it generates between 15% and 20% less carbon dioxide equivalent emissions than conventional diesel engines. It also contributes to improved air quality by reducing particulate emissions by 39% and NOx emissions by 30% compared to a vehicle running on diesel fuel alone.

The Naturgy Foundation’s managing director, María Eugenia Coronado, defined the new project as a "disruptive initiative to explain the environmental challenge facing the planet" “All citizens should be aware of the challenges we face and of the fact that it is our responsibility to reverse climate change” she said, adding “initiatives such as the Energy Challenge, with which we will travel throughout Spain, can help to raise awareness among the population and explain that we have new energy vectors, such as renewable gas, which can help make the circular economy and energy transition a reality.” The Energy Challenge, which was presented in Madrid at COP 25, is expected to travel 4,800 kilometres.