The Naturgy Foundation will train teachers to use energy responsibly

The partnership agreement between the Naturgy Foundation and the Argentinian Institute of Petroleum and Gas (IAPG) aims to promote teacher training in environmental sustainability.

As part of its “Energy Training” programme, the Naturgy Foundation and the Argentinian Institute of Petroleum and Gas (IAPG) signed a partnership agreement for the promotion of energy education and the efficient and secure use of energy for public and private school teachers in the 30 towns where Naturgy operates.

“Children are generators of change towards more sustainable habits in the home. That is why we believe it is important to provide teachers with the knowledge and tools to be able to promote environmental sustainability and the efficient use of energy resources,” said Horacio Cristiani, Chairman of Naturgy and the Naturgy Foundation.

Meanwhile, Ernesto López Anadón, Chairman of the IAPG, claimed: “All actions taken to ensure energy is used responsibly are welcome because this is one of the most important matters we need to address in Spain and which we promote at the Institute.”

The Foundation carries out ongoing international activities in ten countries where the company does business, carrying out projects that make a positive contribution to society and promote energy inclusion. In 2018, the Foundation also developed the “Emprendedores Sociales” (Social Entrepreneurs) volunteer programme and the “Asociar Energía” (Connect to Energy) programme, which encouraged responsible energy use.

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