The Naturgy Foundation’s MAC inaugurates an exhibition that covers the history of comics during the 20th century

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Historietas del Tebeo 1917-1977 is curated by Antoni Guiral and brings together original publications and drawings which are presented in two forms: one chronological, and the other by characters.

Today, the Naturgy Foundation’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) is inaugurating the exhibition Historietas del Tebeo 1917 – 1977 in A Coruña, an initiative by the ABC Museum in collaboration with the "la Caixa” Social Project which covers the history of comic books throughout almost the entire 20th century: from 1917, the year when the magazine TBO was first launched; until 1977, when the comic book started being for adults too, with the publication of the magazine Tótem.

It is the first time that an exhibition brings together comic books and the children’s stories with which several generations learned to read, and which became faithful companions in adventures and dreams. It all began 100 years ago, when the first children’s and youth comic book was published in Barcelona. Under the three-lettered title: TBO.

The exhibition, which can be visited until 14 October, brings together original publications and drawings that are presented in two routes: one chronological – with the main titles and milestones – and the second by theme, giving visitors the opportunity to discover such mythical characters as Capitán Trueno, Guerrero del Antifaz, Zipi and Zape, Carpanta, Botones Sacarino, Familia Ulises, Esther, Superlópez and Mortadelo and Filemón, and their creators, Jesús Blasco, Víctor Mora, Ambrós, Manuel Gago, Escobar, Benejam, Coll and Ibáñez, among many others.

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