The new energy consumer insists on transparency, reasonable prices and sustainable use

juliols2018-4 Energy and environment

Experts from various sectors analyse the profile of the new energy consumer at “Els Juliols”, a summer course organised by the Naturgy Foundation with the Universitat de Barcelona.

During the course of a week more than a dozen experts tackled issues such as energy poverty, the new energy consumer, the importance of digitalisation and connectivity for the new energy consumer, and the system’s impact on the environment and human health.

This week, in Barcelona, the Naturgy Foundation organised the 13th edition of “Els Juliols”, a summer course held in collaboration with the Universitat de Barcelona (UB) where the theme this year was ‘The new energy consumer’. Over the course of five days, 12 experts from various fields linked to technology, economics, society, science and communication analysed the profile of the new energy consumer and their concerns and interests in the current energy model.

The General Manager of the Naturgy Foundation, Martí Solà, opened the course on Monday with the Rector of the Universitat de Barcelona, Joan Elías García and the UB’s Professor of Energy Resources, Mariano Marzo, who also played the role of seminar facilitator.

The session began with a talk entitled ‘The era of energy diversification: towards the most diverse mix in history’ by the expert Mariano Marzo, who briefly reviewed the main factors that are behind the change in the energy scenario. He noted that: “We are moving towards the era of energy diversification, which means we are reaching a consumption proportion of non-fossil and fossil fuels of 40, 50 and 60%.”

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