We attended Imperdible_03 to encourage the use of new technologies and innovation

Imperdibles Cotec Manuela Carmena Education and dissemination

The Naturgy Foundation, together with the Engineering and Technical Innovation department, attended the Imperdible_03 event this year, which is promoted by the Cotec Foundation to drive innovation and introduce it to society.

By attending this event, which took place last weekend in Plaza de Colon, Madrid, at the Fernán Gómez La Villa Cultural Centre, the company showed its contribution to innovation in the energy sector, including our humanoid robot Pepe, the Foundation’s air quality game ‘Cleanairs’ and offering public tours of a UFD substation in Calle Serrano.

At the corporate stand, the Mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena, the Chairman of the Cotec Foundation, Cristina Garmendia, and the Mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, were able to meet Pepe, an example of Naturgy’s digital transformation, and discover the game ‘Cleanairs’, an initiative about resolving the air quality challenge in the city through four hypothetical council authorities. Over the weekend, the exhibition also had tours of the UFD substation in Calle Serrano, as well as the technological progress in this type of facility.

Eva Buch, Director of Education, Dissemination and Heritage at the Foundation, showed the game ‘Cleanairs’ to the authorities as an example of the Foundation’s strong commitment to new technology and innovation for developing society through exhibitions and educational resources that raise the public’s awareness of the energy sector and the environment.

Imperdible_03, which was attended by around 6,000 people this year, is an experiential and participation event about innovation and the current edition is based on the theme of cities. Through multiple immersive experiences, technological and non-technological, attendees explored the history of cities from an innovation perspective while analysing the present and predicting the future. At the same time, they demonstrated how cities themselves are not just passive subjects shaped by innovation, but actually leading figures in the phenomenon.