The Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation Gas Museum Technology Camp brings the 1st edition of the Robotic and Videogames Meeting 2016 to Sabadell

Camp Tecnologico Sabadell Robotics Videogames Meeting 2016 Education and dissemination

During these times you can attend a workshop or go to the Play Zone, where you can interact with and see the latest creations. You will discover the latest educational technology including robotics, 3D printing, drones, virtual reality and even circuits made from conductive ink allowing you to play music on a photograph, which are all designed to promote scientific and technological professions.

The Robotics & Videogames Meeting 2016 will be held on 7 May. This is the first year it has been held in Sabadell following the success of previous editions in Barcelona, Madrid and Bilbao, where the most anticipated meeting about educational technology and its benefits for teaching young children and adolescents of between 6 and 12 years old is held.

A new feature of this edition in Sabadell is the different workshops aimed at developing emotional robotics. It works with artistic aspects, in addition to the technological aspects, which make it one of the leading conferences for developing creative skills and attracting different profiles who have never attended an event like this before.

Some of the most notable workshops include the creation, programming and customisation of Animatronics with a cybernetic KBOT puppet, a robot that can speak and sing; the programming of LEDs to create light movements on a string of LEDs with a Raspberry Pi 3, creating different colour effects; and programming learning with the Dash & Dots robots.

At the Robotics & Videogames Meeting 2016, families and their children have free access to the activities at the workshops and to learning about the benefits of educational technology activities up close.

Prior registration is required for the event. This is done by sending an email to You can find all the information about registering on the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation Gas Museum website.

You can follow all of the information about the event through the hashtag #sabadellcampmeeting


Innovation comes to the Urban Summer Technology Camps

The Robotics & Videogames Meeting also includes a programme of informative sessions for parents to make them aware of all the technology options, to educate their children with Education Technology and to show them what the Urban Summer Technology Camps will be like. These camps will be held at the Gas Museum from Monday to Friday 9 am to 1 pm, from 27 June to 15 July.