The Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation launches an educational resource for Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation employees to speak about energy in classrooms

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In collaboration with the Gas Natural Fenosa corporate university, the Foundation has initiated a programme called “Travelling Suitcases”.

It is a resource designed for employees of the group and contains all the material required to carry out a fun and hands-on educational activity in the classrooms of family and friends. The educational resource, which was designed by specialised educators at the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation, is suitable for different educational levels and the current school curriculum. This ensures that the students learn about the different types of energy and acquire energy efficiency and saving habits through fun and innovative methods.

The Travelling Suitcases are available in different languages for three different educational levels and are given to Gas Natural Fenosa employees for a week after they request it. Requests can be sent via email to, making sure to indicate the name and surname of the employee and the information about the educational centre where the activity will be carried out.