The Naturgy Foundation will educate 20,000 school students about the current energy challenges and the new technology in the sector with an innovative education programme

The Efigy Education initiative, which will run throughout the entire school year, also aims to promote technological professions among students. The Naturgy Foundation will introduce the youngest generations to the key aspects of the energy transition and new technology such as renewable gas and its role in the circular economy.

Efigy Education Fundación Naturgy

The Naturgy Foundation has started the Efigy Education programme, an innovative initiative which introduces Spanish schools to the most current knowledge about new energy technology such as renewable gas and its role in the circular economy, and the transition towards a more sustainable energy system. The education programme will run throughout the entire school year.

The travelling programme aims to educate 20,000 school students in over 100 towns across Spain.

Efigy Education completes the education offer that the Naturgy Foundation initiated in 2012. This new initiative, which combines all of the institution’s educational resources, will make it easier for new generations to understand the key aspects about energy, so they can contribute to the future sustainability of the planet.

The managing director of the Naturgy Foundation, María Eugenia Coronado, stated: “It is the foundation's duty to inspire the youngest generations to ensure they are aware of the complex challenge we are facing regarding energy.” “As a society we will require all kinds of talent to accelerate the transition towards a new energy system that is more reliable, technological and environmentally friendly, and with Efigy Education we want to contribute to that,” she said.

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