The Naturgy Foundation’s Energy School explains to vulnerable families in Sitges how to use energy efficiently and reduce their energy bills

La fundació de la companyia energètica organitza una sessió formativa amb l’Ajuntament del municipi.

Més d’un centenar de famílies en situació de vulnerabilitat ha rebut aquesta formació enguany a la província de Barcelona.

Escuela de Energía Fundación Naturgy

The Naturgy Foundation is organising a training session at the Energy School in Sitges with the aim of offering vulnerable families guidelines for more efficient energy consumption, reducing the amount of their bills without compromising on comfort in their homes.  The workshop is set to be held tomorrow, 18 July, in Sitges, in collaboration with the City Council.

This year, the Naturgy Foundation has organised 105 sessions in the province of Barcelona, attended by more than a thousand people in vulnerable situations.

The Energy School sessions deal with issues related to energy efficiency or bill optimisation. It also identifies people who may have access to the subsidised rate, and helps them apply for it. “Our aim is to empower the most vulnerable people, so that they can minimise the impact of energy costs by applying the measures and advice explained in the workshops,” says Ester Sevilla, director of the Social and International Projects area of the Naturgy Foundation.

The Energy School is a project by the Naturgy Foundation, which is framed within Naturgy’s Energy Vulnerability Plan. María Eugenia Coronado, managing director of the Naturgy Foundation, highlights the alliance they have with administrations and social entities to carry it out: “This initiative has been made possible thanks to the collaboration of experienced travel companions such as the public administrations, and the professionals and volunteers of NGOs such as the Red Cross and Caritas, and many other social entities that do a great job in municipalities all over Spain.”

Since its launch in June 2017, the Energy School has trained more than 16,000 people, including families in a situation of energy vulnerability and technicians from the Third Sector and the administration throughout Spain.

Any entity or municipality wishing to offer this type of free training can contact the Naturgy Foundation through the Foundation’s website ( or by e-mail

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