The Naturgy Foundation’s MAC opens an exhibition on the history of design and its connection with contemporary art

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The exhibition, which will be open to the public until 30 December, will showcase works by more than 100 designers, plotting a route from the 1920s to the present day.

Today in A Coruña, the Naturgy Foundation’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) is opening the Drift exhibition. Crossed perspectives between design and contemporary art is an exhibition of images and shapes, but is fundamentally about how similar contemporary art and design are.

The exhibition, which will be open to the public until 30 December, is part of a premise: design has definitively conquered the field of contemporary art, whether by producing beautiful shapes—occasionally in an anti-functional way and which have often led to subsequent achievements in art—or by looking at how art has embraced design when it is presented. That is the purpose of Drift. Crossed perspectives between design and contemporary art is not only a historical trip through the most recent and paradigmatic history of design, but it shows that only by learning about its different accounts can we comprehend the styles of modern art.

The exhibition, which also echoes the health, ethical and sustainable application of design in a changing world, with pioneering works such as the splint designed by Eames, will hold the works of more than 100 inventors, including some of the most well-known in recent times—the Bouroullec brothers, Hella Jongerius, Konstantin Gcric, Patricia Urquiola, Jasper Morrison and the Galician Tomás Alonso. It paves a route that ignores chronology and avoids hierarchy, searching for similarities between works from the 1920s such as the Depero Futurista by Fortunato Depero and artistic works from more recent years.

The exhibition is commissioned by David Barro (Ferrol, 1974), co-director of Dardo and director of the DIDAC Foundation since 2017. Barro has also been the editor of the architecture, design and contemporary art magazine, DARDOmagazine (2006-2014), and managing director of the Luis Seoane Foundation (2014-2016), where he also coordinated the CIDEA (Centro de Producción de Diseño de A Coruña) project.

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