We participate in World Cities Day to promote sustainability and urban resilience

Actividad "Día Mundial de las Ciudades". Barcelona sant antoni Education and dissemination

The Naturgy Foundation took part in the World Cities Day Festival, held in Barcelona on 27 October.

This annual festival promoted by the UN-Habitat and the Barcelona Council aims to encourage a reconsideration of how cities can become a better place for protecting people’s lives. At the 2018 edition, the festival addressed the theme of sustainability and urban resilience.

With the aim of raising the public’s awareness of actions that can improve their quality of life, and the individual and collective impact that we can have on the environment, the Naturgy Foundation provided a family activity that shows how we are becoming more and more reliant on energy sources because of our current energy consumption habits. By using and experimenting with some interactive modules, the participants discovered what the future energies are and why efficiency will be key to resolving humanity’s energy challenge.