Children's home “Padre Lerchundi”

Fundación Naturgy will continue to collaborate with the NGO Proclade in the “Padre Lerchundi” Children’s Home in Tangier, whose purpose is to provide financial support to the school so that it can carry out its social work.

Among the activities promoted in the school are social and school support activities for children (breakfast room, lunch and snacks, access to hygiene material, educational support and leisure and free time activities) as well as educational and social of mothers of family, the contribution of nursery scholarships, and a carpentry training for young people from 16 to 25 years.

Reform of the ``Doughmaniya School``

Through this initiative, the Naturgy Foundation, in collaboration with Metragaz (a company that operates and maintains the Moroccan section of the Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline), the Doughmaniya school is rehabilitated, located in the province of Jerada, next to the Algerian-Moroccan border. 124 girls and boys belonging to families of disadvantaged groups receive training.

The school does not have heating or hot water, the temperatures in winter can reach below zero degrees and both the bathrooms and the recreation and study areas are in a poor state of conservation. The rehabilitation works seek energy and environmental solutions in order to improve the quality of life in the school and thus facilitate access to education.

The reform’s works of the school consist of: the installation of an electric wall heating system in classrooms; the installation of a solar hot water system, the repair and improvement of the bathrooms and installation of showers, the creation of a library and the adaptation and improvement of the recreation area, including the planting of trees.

Eighth Days of Sustainable Development in Tangier

The Naturgy Foundation has been organizing for 8 years, a Conference focused on Sustainable Development in the city of Tangier, in collaboration with the Moroccan Association for Sustainable Development, the National School of Applied Sciences of Tangier (Abdelmalek Essadi University of Tetouan -Tánger, UAE) and the OREDD (Observatoire Régional de l’Energie et du Développement Durable) of Tangier-Tetouan.
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The eight edition of these seminars was entitled “L’Entreprise Marocaine face aux changements climatiques. Quel défis et opportunités pour une croissance plus durable?” and took place in the headquarters of the Regional Council of Tangier-Tetouan-Alhucemas on 5 May 2016.

The “Eco-Enterprises” forum, which is aimed at companies and organisations with the aim of communicating and sharing ideas about good practices in sustainable development and social responsibility to present new green technology and sectors related to green business to the public, was also organised at this conference.

Since 2009, 1,800 people from the business, political and university world have attended the conference.


Instituto Princesse Lalla Meryem

In July 2002, the Foundation inaugurated the Princesse Lalla Meryem Institute, for autistic children in Tangier, an event that represented an important advance in the care of this type of problem, as it was the first specialized institution in this activity that began its support, help and development work for autistic children in the Kingdom of Morocco.

The Foundation, which collaborated in its implementation, remains connected with this important project that forms part of its Board of Directors.

Between 20 and 23 October 2014, the Foundation, the Barcelona School of Management from the Institute of Continuous Education at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona and the Princesse Lalla Meryem Institute for autistic children organised the seminar “Comunicación: médico, familia, paciente” (Communication: doctor, family, patient), which is aimed at doctors, educators from the Moroccan Ministry of Education who are specialised in autism and families of autistic children.

Programas internacionales Fundación Naturgy Marruecos

The seminar

The seminars were opened at the Princesse Lalla Meryem Institute in Tangier. The ceremony was attended by the Director of the Institute, Abdelhak Abbadi, and the International Project Coordinator of the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation, Manuel Beguer i Mayor.

The aim of the seminars was to develop the communication techniques between doctors, educators and families of autistic children.

The seminar included a series of workshops led by the coordinator of the Corporate Communication Department on the Scientific and Medical Communication Master’s at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Marc de Semir. He showed the doctors and educators the importance of establishing communication with the child to understand their personality and specific needs to encourage the behaviour that is required to develop their autonomy.

Programa de Colaboración con la Universidad de Tetuán-Tánger

The Naturgy Foundation and the School of Applied Sciences in Tangier, a public entity under the Abdelmalek Esaadi University of Tetuán-Tánger and Metragaz, signed a collaboration agreement to introduce and promote natural gas technology in Morocco.
Programas internacionales Fundación Naturgy Marruecos

The purpose of the agreement is to train future engineers at the ENSAT in a special module of gas technology to increase the amount of qualified staff with basic gas knowledge.

The School of Applied Science

The ENSAT was created in 1998 with the aim of training polyvalent engineers and positioning itself among the best higher education institutes in Morocco. It included the natural gas module on the fifth course of the Industrial Engineering degree. This module started on 30 October 2008 and was taught to 24 students.

The agreement also led to sponsorship of a series of seminars about sustainable development at the National School of Applied Sciences.

Programas internacionales Fundación Naturgy Marruecos

The course included training about natural gas technology and 24 students benefited from the following course modules:

First part

Gas transportation

Cathodic protection course

Second part

Gas transportation

Integrated management system (safety and environmental quality)

As a practical exercise, a technical training tour to the compression station in Tangier was arranged.

Since 2008, the program has trained 216 students.