We share our heat

Energy Volunteering is a social action initiative fostered by the Naturgy Foundation that frames the company’s Vulnerability Plan. Its aim is to take advantage of the knowledge of its employees in order to help vulnerable people.

“I think that the best contribution we can make to this volunteering is suggestions on how to lower the cost of bills.”

Montse Solà
Montse Solà
Vulnerability Plan volunteer

“Becoming a volunteer gives you tremendous personal satisfaction because you get to help others, because of the sense of public purpose.”

Fernando Crespo
Fernando Crespo
Vulnerability Plan volunteer

What initiatives are currently being carried out?

Family counselling

Through collaborations with entities form the third sector, we use home visits to help vulnerable families reduce the cost of their energy bills, optimise their contracts and put energy saving measures in place in their homes.

Counselling for social workers

Our volunteers, specialised in issues of contracting, counsel employees of social entities. This way a greater impact is obtained as well as wider scope of performance.

Contributions from volunteers

New plans for the future are inspired by the volunteers, drawing on their own experiences in the field and the needs they identify in vulnerable populations.

manos-entrelazadas-pequenaThere are currently 481 employees and retirees of the company signed up to the Energy Volunteering programme 

There are currently 481 employees and retirees of the company signed up to the Energy Volunteering programme