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From the outset, the Naturgy Foundation has developed Social Action programmes, both at a national and international level, and fostered social awareness actions aimed at the most vulnerable groups.


Energy Vulnerability

Sensitive to the problems of today’s society, we have programmes to combat a social reality that affects a wider group of society every day: energy poverty.


We developed, from our beginnings, social programs in other countries taking advantage of the international presence of Naturgy. All of them adapt to their context adapting to the needs of each country.

Social didactic

We have, among our objectives, the integration and inclusion of people at risk of social exclusion in the didactic and training programs that we manage.

Our numbers in 2018

Plan de vulnerabilidad energética Acción Social
  • Classes at the Energy School


  • Beneficiaries


  • Volunteer employees


  • Agreements with the Third Sector