Our priority, social initiatives and energy vulnerability

The Naturgy Foundation focuses its social action on helping to alleviate energy vulnerability through education and direct action with volunteers and the collaboration of the Third Sector.

For almost 25 years, the Foundation has carried out social awareness and outreach programmes for the communities where Naturgy operates. This means that the Foundation has an impact on the social problems that are important for the country it operates in.

The Foundation is aware of the current problems facing society and has programmes to combat a social reality that is affecting a larger portion of society every day: energy poverty. That is why the Foundation introduces measures which are included in the Vulnerability Plan launched by Naturgy and which have a particular impact on the vulnerable groups.

Interesting fact

“Currently, 11% of Spanish families can not heat their homes properly in winter season” (Source: Eurostat)

The aim

“Be part of the solution of energy vulnerability, collaborating with social entities and administrations” (Martí Solà, General Director of the Foundation)

Telephone service

If you are a Third Sector entity and need more information about the Energy Vulnerability Plan, you can call us at the number: 900 444 000

Our programmes

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Energy Rehabilitation
Solidarity Fund

The solidarity initiative improves the working conditions of people and families in a vulnerable situation by renovating their homes.

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Energy School

The school educates social workers of public organisations, NGOs and families in energy matters with the aim of improving the quality of life of people in a vulnerable situation.


Energy Volunteering

Solidarity and commitment drive our voluntary employees to directly advise people in a situation of energy vulnerability.


Collaboration with the Third Sector

We collaborate with social organisation that work with vulnerable groups.