plancha a gas

Plancha a gas

Producer: John Wright Company LTD.
Model: Flow 375
Enameled iron and plastic 1940
MG 2832

The Gas Museum collection treasures a large number of irons, but the one we present today is the only one that still has the tube connecting it to the gas network, so it is a very special item. It comes from an American company called John Wright Company LTD which still exists today. It was founded in 1880 and was one of the first companies in the sector specialising in the treatment of iron. The iron is almost completely made out of iron, which is enamelled in black and blue, except the plastic handle and pipe. TAs you can see in the image, the enamelled iron base that held the iron while in use has also been preserved.

Inside there are two rows with six openings each where the gas flames came out from. These flames heated the metal base securely and continuously to keep the iron sufficiently hot so that it could remove creases and wrinkles from fabric.
The Flow 375 was an improvement on previous models because it managed to protect the user from burning their hand, which was very common with irons, especially those that used coal. A bolted metal plate was added to the central body, which contained the rows of gas flames, to keep the heat away from the user. The handle is made from plastic so that it does not conduct the heat.