The Foundation’s educational programme has the mission of transferring to society the values of efficiency and responsible energy consumption, new energy technologies, air quality, efficient mobility, knowledge of the history of energy and its future use, as well as the promotion of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers. Since its launch in 2012, we have promoted numerous activities aimed at all audiences, which have received more than 700,000 users.

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“We have a duty to inspire the youngest generations to be aware about the complex future challenges regarding energy that we will have to address. As a society we will require all kinds of talent to accelerate the transition towards a new energy system that is more reliable, technological and environmentally friendly.”

María Eugenia Coronado
María Eugenia Coronado
Managing Director of the Naturgy Foundation

Efigy Education

We transmit specialised knowledge
on the energy transition, the environment
and responsible energy consumption.

Vocational training
for employability

We want to stimulate the employment
of energy sector professionals.

Travelling exhibitions

We spread knowledge about energy and
the environment throughout the country.

Bolarque Museum

We offer educational visits to the old hydropower
plant of Bolarque, the museum and the current plant,
which is an example of energy efficiency.

Partnerships and recognition

 Collaboration with the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) through the Board of Foundations for Science and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

 Subscription to the STEMadrid Plan by the Community of Madrid.

 Joint action with the Spanish Association of Women for Energy (AEMENER).

 Continued activity with public and private administrations, as well as training institutions and social entities across Spain. Our collaboration with the Ministry for Education of the Community of Madrid, the Teaching Department of the Government of Catalonia and the Ministry of Education, Universities and Vocational Training of the Government of Galicia is noteworthy.

 Educational quality seal

 Collaboration with the National Museum of Science and Technology (MUNCYT), the Light Factory – Energy Museum and the Logroño House of Sciences.

 Bonaplata Awards from the Catalonia Science and Technology and Industrial Archaeology Museum Association.

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