cocina gas le standard

Gas kitchen Le Standard I
Cast iron and brass
Made by: Brachet et Richard, Lyon, 1879

c 1922
Photography: Cocina de gas Le Standard I
Unknown photographer
© Museo del Gas de la Fundación Gas Natural Fenosa, 2018

Nowadays, the kitchen is one of the liveliest rooms in the home. And this, as well as other factors, is thanks to the technological improvements to cookers. When gas reached homes in the late 19th century, coal and wood cookers were replaced with gas cookers.

The model Standard I, which is preserved in the Gas Appliances Collection at the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation Gas Museum, was manufactured by Brachet et Richard in 1879. The device has three stoves: a long one in the centre and two at the side with a burner called a pipe burner. The invention won an award at the “Concours technique de chauffage et de la cuisine au gaz” thanks to its ability to maintain temperature, despite air entering from outside, and provide a strong and compact flame. This invention was patented in France and Germany with the name “Choke Bored”. In addition to this innovative feature, the Standard I cooker had a double burner on the left and a simple burner on the right. This meant the outside burner on the left stove provided the main flame and the flame on the inside was a medium-sized flame that kept food warm. In their continuous desire to modernise and improve the manufacturing of their products, Brachet et Richard developed this model with the Standard II and Standard III cookers, which had porcelain handles to prevent burning yourself when opening and closing the oven and were bigger than the previous version.