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Radiador stove “Art Noveau” model 88
Garnier & Cie
Glazed ceramics, iron,  glass and brass MG 268

We present a radiator from the collection. This is a unique model that appeared in the 1905 catalogue of Garnier & Cie de Lyon under the name Radiateur “Art Noveau”. It received its name due to the delicate ornaments with nature motifs and shapes that can be seen both at the base and at the top of the front. These items are made from enamelled ceramic which gives it a more sophisticated style. Although this appliance was designed to look unique and beautiful, we cannot ignore that, in this case, functionality and aesthetics actually go together.

Gas enabled the butterfly-shaped flame to remain active. The heat of the flames, which could be see through the small glass windows, rose through the tubes and was spread around the room through the small openings at the top.

The catalogue included this model with different finishes: enamelled, glazed, nickelled, and the price varied depending on the chosen material.