Discover a unique example of clean energy supply

2017 saw the launch of District Heating and Cooling Multi-energy, the first climate control network in Catalonia capable of generating renewable energy through geothermal energy, photovoltaics, biomass and natural gas.

With an intelligent automated control system, this network supplies heat, cooling and electricity to 40,000 square metres of public buildings in the Olot municipality district and is called District Heating and Cooling Multi-energy.

This pioneering energy project, promoted by Wattia Innova and Naturgy in collaboration with Olot Town Council, has received the European Heat Pump Association award and has turned Olot into one of the leading cities in the implementation and use of renewable energies.

With the aim of transmitting specialised knowledge about the transition towards a new energy model, the preservation of the environment and the responsible consumption of energy, the Naturgy Foundation offers you a guided itinerary and educational activities that will allow you to discover how new energy technologies provide clean energy in the city of Olot.

For more information on guided tours and educational activities, please contact us by telephone on 93 412 96 85 or by e-mail at educacionfundacion