Activity description

Through the Efigy Education Programme, the Naturgy Foundation offers this school in the classroom entitled “Efficient energy inventors”.

Based on a story, pupils will discover what energy is, what it is used for and the main sources of energy.

Using a participatory and active approach, pupils will learn through play.


  • To relate energy with the reduction of gas emissions.
  • To discover the types of energy that exist.
  • To identify the energy that are used most.
  • To identify the most and least polluting energies.
  • To learn how new energy technologies help improve the environment.


  • Responsibility and looking after the world around us.
  • Knowledge and interaction with the physical world.
  • Social and citizen.

Practical information

  • Hours: Monday to Friday, morning and afternoon.
  • Duration of the activities: 60 minutes.
  • Type: workshop.
  • Price: free.

Education level

  • Pre-school Education.