Activity description

Through the Efigy Education Programme, the Naturgy Foundation offers First and Second Primary School groups this workshop in the classroom entitled “The Adventure of Efi Bot”.

Using the “Efi Bot” toy, with which children need to give instructions to a toy robot so it can reach its destination, pupils will need to tell the story of EFI to obtain energy and improve the environment.


  • To see that energy is needed for things to work.
  • To recognise different types of energy.
  • To learn about the renewable energies: solar, wind, hydraulic and renewable gas.
  • To learn about the energies with the least environmental impact.
  • To start learning about programming and robotics.


  • Living in society and the world.
  • Knowledge and interaction with the physical world.
  • Social and citizenship skills.
  • Learn to learn.

Education level

  • Basic Cycle.

Practical information

  • Hours: Monday to Friday, morning and afternoon.
  • Duration of the activities: 60 minutes.
  • Type: workshop.
  • Price: free.